Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 BCTLA Awards and Grants

The BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association
** Awards and Grants **

Nomination Deadline: April 1st

BC Teacher-Librarian of the Year - Diana Poole Memorial Award
BC New Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award
Val Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award
BCTLA Distinguished Service Award
BCTLA Honorary Life Membership Award
Ken Haycock Professional Development Grant
BCTLA Representative Speaker Grant
William H. Scott Memorial BCTLA Conference Grant

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BCTLA Online Professional Learning Sessions

The BC Teacher-Librarians’ Association

** Online Professional Learning Sessions **

Winter-to-Spring Webinar Series

February 19, March 5, April 9 and April 23
4:00-5:00 PM (PST)
Cost - $20.00 per person

Registration is now open for the BCTLA's Winter-to-Spring Webinar series designed to provide practical support to teacher-librarians.
Topics include: online resources, copyright, and citation.  All four sessions are available as a package for $20.00 per person.
Individuals who register by or before February 15 will have their names entered in a draw to win an iPad Mini.

For More Information and Online Registration: http://bctf.ca/bctla/info/pro-dev.html

Friday, September 21, 2012

Annual Fall Conference

"We're In!  Inquire, Inspire, Innovate"
BCTLA Coquitlam 2012

The conference program features a range of sessions that will interest teacher-librarians and educators from all levels, and anyone interested in improving their teaching skills in literacy (e.g. visual, critical, etc.), research, and technology.

Keynotes include:
Dr. David Loertscher, San José State University School of Library & Information Science and Chris Kennedy, CEO / Superintendent of Schools, School District #45 West Vancouver. Featured speakers include: Dr. Joanne de Groot, Dr. Ann Ewbank, Adrienne Gear, Judith Comfort, and over thirty other amazing educators.

BCTLA membership ($40) or subscription ($66.64) for non-BCTF members is also available as a package with conference registration.

Conference Program Information and Registratin: http://bctlacoquitlam2012.weebly.com/program.html

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tammy Reynolds is 2012's BC New Teacher-Librarian of the Year

The BC Teacher-Librarians' Association is pleased to announce that Tammy Reynolds is the 2012 recipient of the BC New Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award.  

Tammy is the teacher-librarian at Coal Tyee Elementary School in Nanaimo, BC and is a student in the Master of Education (Teacher-Librarian) program at the University of Alberta.  She is, "a leader, a facilitator, and an exceptional teacher with the school library at the centre" and has "not only set the bar high but she has catapulted over it and gone beyond".   

Within her school library program, Tammy has been implementing inquiry-based learning, introducing and implementing technology, and providing opportunities for students to become engaged with reading and more (she organized a whole school math challenge through the month of February 2012).  She is also the staff representative, professional development representative, and leader of her staff's Professional Learning Network.  She administers the school's website and the staff blog.  For the past year, she has been the district leader in piloting the use of iPads and iPods.      

Her colleague writes: "Tammy has made the library the heart and hub of our school.  Students know that the library is a safe place where they can go.  They are always welcomed.  They know Mrs. Reynolds is there for them when they need a place to do research, help to find that perfect book or series that will interest them or a place to check in and say how their day is going". 

At the district level, Tammy provides mentoring and workshops and is also the leader of the district Teacher-Librarian Professional Learning Network, and is a leader within the district's Project Success initiative.  She is an author of a number of popular literacy resources available through SD68 Nanaimo-Ladysmith's District Resource Centre and of an article published in the district's magazine for families.  At the provincial level, Tammy is a member of the BC Teacher-Librarians' Association and will present on using iPods and iPads in the elementary classroom and library at the 2012 BCTLA conference.

Tammy is a key player in the district's efforts to ensure their school libraries are hubs of "teaching and learning, of collaboration, of research, discovery -- and play -- for students, educators and the community".  She, "embraces literacy in the same way that she embraces her children: with love".  

Tammy has been a teacher-librarian, formally, for only three years.  Her phenomenal efforts and talents are evidence of the magic that a passionate and well-supported teacher-librarian can bring to a school, district, and profession.          

BCTLA will be honoured to recognize Tammy Reynolds as the 2012 recipient of the BC New Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award at the 2012 BCTLA Conference on Friday, October 19, 2012 at Riverside Secondary School in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pat Parungao is the 2012 Recipient of the Ken Haycock Professional Development Grant

The BC Teacher-Librarians' Association is pleased to announce that Pat Parungao is the 2012 recipient of the Ken Haycock Professional Development Grant. 

Pat is currently a teacher-librarian at Gladstone Secondary in Vancouver and previously originated the role of Teacher-Librarian Consultant for the Vancouver School Board.  Pat is an exceptional teacher-librarian and is a phenomenal leader in our profession. At the school level, her amazing work, including the transformation of Gladstone’s school library into a learning commons, resulted in her being honoured with the 2010 Follett International Teacher-Librarian of the Year award. At the district, provincial and national level, Pat’s work on initiatives such as being a co-author of Students' Information Literacy Needs in the 21st Century: Competencies for Teacher-Librarians and Canada’s Year of Asia Pacific Multicultural Bibliography (recently updated and revised) was just one of the reasons that she was the 1998 recipient of the BCTLA’s highest honour, the Diana Poole Memorial Award of Merit.  Pat is a Past President of BCTLA.

With support from the Ken Haycock Professional Development Grant, Pat participated in the 2nd biannual Treasure Mountain Canada symposium, which was held on June 2-3 in Ottawa.  The symposium theme was, "Learning for the Future" and the focus was on beginning the redevelopment of national standards for school libraries.  Pat was interested both in learning what outstanding teacher-librarians have to say about the topic and in participating in discussion with them to revise Achieving Information Literacy: Standards for School Libraries in Canada.

The BCTLA was pleased to recognize Pat Parungao as the 2012 recipient of the BCTLA Ken Haycock Professional Development Grant at the 2012 BCTLA AGM on April 14 in Vancouver.