Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Issue of The Bookmark Published!

The Summer issue of The Bookmark, "Celebrating Summer: Teacher-Librarian Professionalism" has been published online on the BCTLA website. Check out the Summer issue today!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

BCTLA October Conference Update

The annual BCTLA conference will be held this year in Richmond, BC, on October 22-23rd. A conference flyer is now available, as is the conference website. Online registration for the conference will soon be available.

This year's theme is "Champions of Literacy" and the keynote will be legendary author and former National Librarian of Canada, Roch Carrier. The Thursday night will feature a social event at the Richmond Olympic Oval including a tour and opportunity to meet the Olympic mascots. The Saturday includes multiple sessions of interest to teacher-librarians! On Sunday, the Chapter Councilors and BCTLA Executive will hold the BCTLA Fall Council meeting.

Please watch this site and others for updates. We hope to see you in Richmond in October!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Vancouver School Libraries Video

As part of their year-long Teacher Inquiry project, Vancouver teacher-librarians have created and made available a video, "Teacher-Librarians: Supporting 21st Century Learners". The professionally produced video features teacher-librarians working with students at Charles Dickens Elementary, Kerrisdale Elementary, Tecumseh Annex, and Vancouver Technical Secondary.

Executive produced by Moira Ekdahl, Vancouver School Board's Teacher-Librarian Consultant and our BCTLA Liaison Chair, the video powerfully demonstrates "school libraries in action" and I would urge everyone to take a look! Once you have watched the video, check out the other inquiry pages on the Vancouver teacher-librarian inquiry wiki site by using the Side Bar on the right-hand side of the page.

Monday, June 8, 2009

BC K-12 Information Literacy Benchmark Project Update

A group of teacher-librarians from across B.C. have been working on B.C. K-12 Information Literacy Benchmarks for the past two years. The project documents, which are still in progress, have now been made available on the InfoLitBCTLA wiki which was originally developed for a presentation at the BC Library Conference in April.

Read more on the wiki:


Primary Benchmarks (to Grade 3)
Intermediate Benchmarks (to Grade 7)
Secondary Benchmarks (to Grade 10)
Graduation Benchmarks (to Grade 12)

In Progress

New Directions

Thank you to the B.C. K-12 Information Literacy Benchmark group for all of their work, both to date and on-going!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

National Film Board Public Performance Rights

ERAC (Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium) this week announced a deal with L'Office National Du Film Du Canada-National Film Board of Canada to provide all B.C. schools with public performance rights to the ONF-NFB's online collection of films for one year (June 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010). More information about the deal is available here.

The ONF-NFB online collection was launched earlier this spring, and ERAC's deal is the first such provincial/territorial deal for schools in Canada. The collection, which is currently available online, will eventually be put behind password protection, and all B.C. schools will receive login and password information.

In addition, ERAC will be working with the ONF-NFB to enhance the educational aspects of the collection. Thank you to ERAC for providing such an incredible resource! All B.C. teacher-librarians are encouraged to add the ONF-NFB online collection website at to their available online school library resources for students and staff. Additional ONF-NFB educator resources are available on the official ONF-NFB Educational Resources website.

Teacher-Librarian Tour of Italy!

Vancouver teacher-librarians are working with a Tuscany Cultural Tour Company to organize a ten-day tour of Italy, from August 20 to 30. They are looking for other teacher-librarians to join in the fun! In addition to the tour, the group from Vancouver will be attending the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) conference in Padua. Note the conference is optional; you can go just for the tour!

For more information about the tour, please see the TL Italy Tour flyer, and/or contact Moira Ekdahl, or 604-713-5016, for more information or to sign up! Visit the IASL conference site for more information about the events in Padua (pre-conference, Sept. 1; conference Sept. 2-Sept. 4; conference-related tours Aug. 29 through Sept. 5) and to register for the conference.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BC Summer Reading Club Invitation

Here is an invitation from the BC Summer Reading Club coordinator!

"Dear Teacher-Librarians:

I'm writing to encourage you to promote the BC Summer Reading Club at your school.

You may already be doing this, by inviting the children's librarian at your local public library to come in in May or June and present to your students. And you probably know all the good things participating in an SRC does for your students: it keeps their reading skills up, helps kids associate reading with fun and enjoyment, and promotes an ongoing connection with books and libraries. But did you know there is even more you can do to strengthen school connections with the SRC?

For example, the Summer Reading Club website (Kids SRC site for librarians and TeenRC site for librarians) i
ncludes many resources that teachers as well as public librarians can use. The Kids site for librarians offers colouring sheets, and activities, and even an online quiz that links to websites relevant to the theme—this could be a great fun activity for the end of the school year. There are also other materials you can use to promote the program, such as posters, temporary tattoos, and a "how to draw a beaver" card made especially for the SRC by 2009 SRC Artist Scot Ritchie.

Another thing you can do to strengthen those connections is to find out if it's possible to get a list of SRC participants or finishers from the public library at the end of the summer. Then you can use that list to recognize SRC participants at school-- that gives a powerful message to students and families that everyone's working together, and that their summer, recreational reading "counts" and is valued at school.

I'd strongly encourage you to talk with your local public librarian about collaborating to promote the SRC. It's great for public libraries, and great for your students, and can even help raise awareness of the school library within your school. In addition, working together across institutions helps to build the kind of supportive community that we all want for our kids.

We are really proud of the Summer Reading Club that we've developed in British Columbia. We want to make sure that as many kids as possible get the benefit of it. You have a truly valuable role in this process, and I really truly hope that you take fullest advantage of it.


Els Kushner
BC Summer Reading Club Coordinator"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spring/Summer News from CASL

The Canadian Library Association (CLA) and Canadian Association for School Libaries (CASL) conference has just wrapped up in Montreal. Our VP Advocacy, Karen Lindsay, journeyed to Montreal to officially represent BCTLA, accept her two national awards, and take in the conference events. Check out Karen's experiences on her CLA Montreal 2009 blog!

The Spring 2009 issue of the official online journal of CASL, School Libraries in Canada, has been released. The theme of the issue is "Reaching Out From the Library". Check out the issue's Table of Contents to navigate to the articles.

Book Levelling Position Statement

BCTLA is pleased to announce the release of our first position statement, "Book Levelling and School Library Collections". This position statement addresses the levelling of existing school library collections. It is intended to provide a well-researched defense to support teacher-librarians should they be asked to level school library collections against their better judgement.

In addition to being presented to and passed unanimously at the April 2009 BCTLA AGM, the position statement has been presented to the BCTF Executive and to PSAC (Provincial Specialist Advisory Committee). It has also been requested by the BCTF's Teacher Newsmagazine for publication. It is BCTLA's hope that the "Book Levelling and School Library Collections" will be the first of many such official positions.