Monday, May 3, 2010

Tu Loan Trieu is 2010's New B.C. Teacher-Librarian of the Year

The BC Teacher-Librarians' Association is pleased to announce that Tu Loan Trieu (centre, with Coquitlam teacher-librarians Chantal Petiot and Karen Elkan) is the 2010 and inaugural recipient of the New BC Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award. The award honours a practicing teacher-librarian with under five years experience who has planned and implemented a school library program and/or school library services of such exemplary quality that either or both is serving as a model and inspiration for others.

Tu Loan is the teacher-librarian at Scott Creek Middle School in Coquitlam, B.C. In just her third year as a teacher-librarian, Tu Loan has adapted and developed innovative school library initiatives and has demonstrated amazing leadership and commitment. She
has initiative and drive, leadership capacity, passion for reading, and a love of teaching.

As her school’s Literacy Team Leader, Tu Loan has participated on the school-wide Reading Power action research learning team and has offered coordination and support to her school in the program’s implementation. She has implemented initiatives such as Literacy Day at Scott Creek Middle School (last year featuring author David Bouchard) and “One Book, One School” (this year featuring the school-wide reading of Schooled by Gordon Korman and a visit with the author at the Vancouver International Writer’s Festival) which has inspired other teacher-librarians to do the same.

Her students love her library and the leadership opportunities that she offers them and she empowers them to love reading. Scott Creek’s students are actively engaged in writing book reviews and literally run to the library whenever the announcement is made that new books are available. Tu Loan has not only inspired her students. Scott Creek’s 2010 SD43 middle school “Battle of the Books” entry, for example, consisted not just of a team of students, but also a team of teachers! In addition to being a driving force behind the successful Battle of the Books program, for the past three years Tu Loan has also helped to organize the district’s annual “Hogwild About Reading” charity drive for school library collections.

Tu Loan is booked months ahead of time to work with classes. In addition to promoting reading, she teaches technology and inquiry skills including notetaking and the use of databases. Tu Loan’s work with students and staff and the infusion of technology as part of her library program is evident on Scott Creek’s virtual library site. The site includes links to the library’s databases, book blogs, discussions, new titles, and reading and subject-area website recommendations. Tu Loan also contributes to the school as a basketball and rugby coach.

Tu Loan has consistently sought out opportunities to further grow and to share her knowledge. She is the current Co-President of the Coquitlam Teacher-Librarians’ Association. She has also been the CTLA Vice-President and Professional Development Representative, which included presenting to the Coquitlam Board of Education in 2008 on middle school library staffing. Tu Loan is also a past-BCTLA Chapter Councilor for Coquitlam (2007-08). As a mentor on the district Teacher-Librarian Mentorship Learning Team in 2008-09, Tu Loan demonstrated her own commitment to excellence in library curriculum and instruction, and supported new teacher-librarians in their learning. Recently, Tu Loan presented on literacy at Coquitlam’s Middle School Conference (Jan 2010). She is also involved in teacher-librarian inquiry through her current participation on the district Fourth Way Teacher-Librarian Learning Team, which is examining Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley’s The Fourth Way: The Inspiring Future for Educational Change and is also focused on defining and articulating the purpose of teacher-librarians in the district.

Tu Loan is also a world traveller. This past summer, her travels took her to Thailand, where she not only saw much of the country but also arranged tours of school libraries. Her trip to Thailand resulted in wonderful contributions for Tu Loan’s very successful “Get Caught Reading” slideshow of images of Scott Creek teachers and students reading over summer vacation. Tu Loan not only modelled reading over the summer but also inspired numerous teacher-librarians to do a similar project this coming June!

BCTLA will be honoured to recognize Tu Loan Trieu as the 2010 recipient of the New B.C. Teacher-Librarian of the Year Award at the 2010 BCTLA Conference on Friday, October 22, 2010 at Kelowna Senior Secondary School in Kelowna, B.C.

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