Friday, September 21, 2012

Annual Fall Conference

"We're In!  Inquire, Inspire, Innovate"
BCTLA Coquitlam 2012

The conference program features a range of sessions that will interest teacher-librarians and educators from all levels, and anyone interested in improving their teaching skills in literacy (e.g. visual, critical, etc.), research, and technology.

Keynotes include:
Dr. David Loertscher, San José State University School of Library & Information Science and Chris Kennedy, CEO / Superintendent of Schools, School District #45 West Vancouver. Featured speakers include: Dr. Joanne de Groot, Dr. Ann Ewbank, Adrienne Gear, Judith Comfort, and over thirty other amazing educators.

BCTLA membership ($40) or subscription ($66.64) for non-BCTF members is also available as a package with conference registration.

Conference Program Information and Registratin:

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Al Smith said...

Congratulations Heather!! on so many fronts, I cannot list. The conference appeared to be terrific. I enjoyed following on Twitter and Gordon's Ustream during part of my day in Kelowna. The DEAR initiatives with Jeff. I can see your work with JV here paying off. I really liked Chris's comment about TL's being so proactive in the past 5 years and making things happen- guess whose watch that was? Yours my dear friend! hugs and thanks